MA2D Construction

Founded in 2010, MA2D is the result of a fruitful association between colleagues and friends and combining know-how and innovation. Working as a general contractor and having carried out various residential, commercial and industrial real estate development projects in the metropolitan area since its creation, MA2D surrounds itself with recognized professionals in the field for the realization of each project.

Accumulating the experiences of satisfied customers and collaborators, she knows how to stand out from her competitors by her innovative approach, never afraid to challenge the usual and sometimes obsolete methods commonly applied. Ensuring a rigorous follow-up with its customers, suppliers and various subcontractors, MA2D has acquired the reputation of a serious player, recognized and appreciated by its peers. Knowing how to reconcile quality of design and execution, deadline, compliance with projected costs and work safety, MA2D does not neglect any aspect of a construction project to the detriment of another.

Whether for a major project or a complex renovation, each project receives the attention, expertise and service it deserves.

MA2D Construction

MA2D Team

  • Marc-André Lagacé
    Marc-André Lagacé
    President, Project Director
  • Abdesselam Hilout
    Abdesselam Hilout
    Vice President, Project Director
  • André Bourdeau, ing
    André Bourdeau, ing
    Project manager
  • Josée Ricard
    Josée Ricard
  • Ali Ahfir
    Ali Ahfir
    Project estimator
  • Catherine Pearson
    Catherine Pearson
    Project coordinator/rental manager
  • Valérie Lyonnais
    Valérie Lyonnais
    Accountant technician
  • Pierre-Luc Marchand
    Pierre-Luc Marchand
  • Pierre-Olivier Dumas
    Pierre-Olivier Dumas
  • Carlos Morillas
    Carlos Morillas
  • Normand Lussier
    Normand Lussier

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MA2D Construction

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