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Customer reviews

«I would like to congratulate MA2D Construction for their excellent work on the Dorval Arena expansion project. The qualities of the entrepreneur that we especially appreciated were the excellent communication, the expertise brought, the honesty, the continuous presence and the respect towards our site. MA2D was always attentive to our needs and very dynamic when looking for solutions. We have no hesitation in recommending this team.»

Jad Kadi, ing.
Project manager- City of Dorval

«Collaborating with MA2D means benefiting from the rich experience of a talented and dedicated team that constantly seeks to exceed the requirements of its customers.

How? For each problem, MA2D has the solution. And often this solution is not the one you had sketched out. This is the art of surpassing the achievement of objectives.»

Benoit Veilleux,
Architect OAQ,M. Arch CEB,

«MA2D is a professional company in the whole process from the submission to the delivery of the building including the after-sales service.

From day one of construction, the site was accessible to us without restrictions at all times. Throughout the work, the sub-contractors were welcoming and answered our questions without hesitation.

All the changes required, during construction, were submitted to us at site meetings, for approval without delay and the modifications were made following our approval.

The building was delivered to us within the agreed deadlines and without cost overruns

In conclusion La Chacunière and its residents are proud of the quality of the work carried out by MA2D and take every opportunity to promote MA2D's services to all housing organizations in the region.»

Robert Quenneville
President, La Chacunière

Throughout the Hapopex Lachine renovation project, the construction of which began during the pandemic due to Covid-19, the MA2D Construction inc team was able to adapt to the new reality of the market and had to reconcile the needs of all while providing concrete solutions of high quality, respecting budgets and deadlines. This construction team contributed to the success of this project for the benefit of the new occupants and the managers of Hapopex.

André Papineau, architect
MA2D Construction

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